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What are they and do I need them?

Safety switches are designed to monitor the flow of electricity through a circuit. In the event that a fault is detected they switch the power off within 0.3 of a second. A safety switch may very well save yours or a family members life.

How do I test them?

As a home owner you can perform a basic test to ensure your safety switches are in good working order. Manufacturers recommend that safety switches are tested monthly by simply pressing the test button. If they trip, simply reset them and go about your day. If they fail to trip or reset, you will need to call your electrician.

Can I have them tested professionally?

Yes, there are more thorough tests that can be performed other than simply pushing the test button. Contact your electrician to perform these tests.

Where should I put them?

Generally speaking smoke detectors should be installed in between each area containing bedrooms and the remainder of the house. There should also be at least one per story. Your electrician can provide the best advice on where to locate your smoke detectors.

Which type is best?

A photoelectric smoke detector will detect a slow burning fire much quicker than an ionisation smoke detector. Hard wired smoke detectors are better than battery only, and interconnected are better still (This means that all smoke detectors will go off if only one detects smoke). Interconnected smoke detectors are required in all new residential builds.

How do I maintain them?

• Every month: Test by pushing the test button

• Every year: Replace the Battery

• Every ten years: Replace the smoke detector

When should I contact my electrician?

Contact your electrician before works begin to discuss your ideas. This may influence your decisions on appliances and help to steer and consolidate your ideas. 

I would like to begin my renovation, what is the process (electrically speaking)?

Any substantial renovation should begin with a look at your current electrical capacity and the future plans for your home. This is best arranged at the beginning of the renovation in preparation to additions rather than it being an afterthought. This is also the time to upgrade your switchboard to ensure that everyone is working in the safest possible environment.

Any areas being demolished should always be disconnected and made safe before any other works commence. Live points hanging from the walls or ceilings before they have been disconnected are an accident waiting to happen!

When should I purchase my appliances?

Always consult with your electrician before the purchase of any hardwired electric appliances. A house that previously had a gas cooktop may not have the capacity to run your new induction cooktop. This will enable you to choose your appliances based on your end to end budget.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any other questions concerning your existing or future electrical works in your home. You can reach me on 0408 003 834 at:

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